November 29, 2021

The takeaways: The top 5 things we learned at Healthy Funding V… and more!

For seven days the Life Sciences & Health community gathered last week to talk about investor-readiness, funding and the impact of sustainability, diversity and inclusivity in the Life Sciences & Health eco-system of start-up funding. 

Thanks to all start-ups and investors for joining Healthy Funding V! During this online international matchmaking event – organized by Life Sciences & Health 010 from the municipality of Rotterdam and Healthy.Capital – young and ambitious companies in Life Sciences & Health from all over Europe and Africa are matched 1-on-1 with relevant investors and funders.

Over 100 start-ups, investors and funders joined the online event and 1 on 1 meetings, and shared lessons learned about how to make your start-up investor ready.

a lot happened, and it’s now our pleasure to share with you 5 of the top takeaways from Healthy Funding V – the 2021 edition!

5 Key Takeaways from Healthy Funding V

Dive into the key learnings and inspiring insights
at Healthy Funding V with The 5 Takeaways

Prof.dr. WIRO NIESSEN, Quantib, Erasmus MC

1. “It is important to have a quality team that ensures that all you develop adheres to clear guidelines and regulations.”

2. “What you really have to show is: we are an innovative company and we’re going to make an impact, we’re going to grow, we have a unique position and a unique technology.”

KATE MULLORD, partner – 4impact

3. “When you combine the sustainability goal and target with a really robust commercial business plan, that’s where you really start to make serious impact.”

BENJAMIN BELOT, partner – Kurma Partners

Benjamin Belot

4. Bring product adoption and user experience together.

“Start from a need, from a use case and then find the best solution” 

DOUWE JIPPES, Partner – Healthy.Capital

5. “If you’re not on the market, work hard on your presence.”

Missed the event? Watch the recording here:

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