February 28, 2022


Save the date!

7 April 2022 (Sheila Schenkel) & 22 September 2022 (David Beckett)

The Pitch Masterclass with Sheila Schenkel!

After the great succes of the Pitch masterclass from Daved Beckett on November 5, we already have a new date planned for the next masterclass! This time, Sheila Schenkel will give the first Pitch masterclass. Please let us introduce her:

Sheila Schenkel is a supportive pitch coach using the Best3Minutes Methodology© as co-developed with David Beckett. This method has already helped 1500+ startups and over 25,000 professionals in more than 30 countries to improve their pitching skills.

Sheila has trained startups and employees at e.g., Impact Hub, IdeaHackers and Women in Tech, and at companies like TomTom, Schiphol and PwC. She’ll provide you with the tools to pitch—any pitch—with confidence, clarity, and enthusiasm. Her workshops are interactive, whether on site or online.Together with Beckett she wrote Zet jezelf op de kaart, which helps professionals get to the next level at any kind of office—corporate or startup—by giving them practical, instantly usable tools to improve how they present themselves.

Register for the masterclass(es) here:

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