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Logo Addition Investment Group

Additio Investment Group

Lourens David Verweij

AiG is formed by an international group of hand-picked Healthcare & Life Sciences entrepreneurs, seasoned industry executives and investors that share a passion for health/care innovation, and have a pragmatic approach to invest, build and thrive ventures.

Arches Capital

Arches Capital

Jorinde Hoek

Arches Capital is a fast growing group of business angels that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalist (VCs) and Business Angels, by joining the best of both worlds.

We source, select and invest like a VC; We engage, care and inspire as the angel we are.  We believe that by bundling smart capital (combine funding with real business knowledge and experience) with true engagement (actively working together to achieve rapid growth), we are able to ignite early stage companies on their path to success.

Our focus area is: B2B Software early-stage


Borski Fund

Stefan van Duin

Happy to provide venture and growth capital for ambitious companies with at least one female founder/entrepreneur.

Are you:

  • A female entrepreneur/founder with at least 5% shareholding?
  • Established (with a head office) in the Netherlands?
  • A company with a minimum turnover of around €500k?
  • A company that contributes positively to reducing inequality? Also called Femtech or gendered innovation.
  • A company with growth potential and strong ambitions?
  • A company that values support from a diverse team?

Then we would like to discuss the possibilities with you during Healthy Funding IV. Can you answer only one or a few of the questions with yes? If so, we will be able to help you.

Borski Fund works from a network of experienced entrepreneurs. Main partners of the fund are StartGreen Capital and TheNextWomen. Investors in Borski Fund are the major banks of the Netherlands, reputable family offices, and more than 25 experienced entrepreneurs and investors who have founded, led and sold companies in tech, business services, PE, travel, medical technology, IT, textiles, HR, advertising and food industries, among others.   

Logo Breakaway Partners

Breakaway Partners

Serhat Pala

Breakaway Partners is a founder focused investment company that mentors and funds early stage and start-up companies that have created products or services that are disruptive in their industry. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies get their ideas to market. We devote our time, expertise, connections, and capital to help companies successfully grow.

Logo Business Angels Connect

Business Angels Connect

René Reijtenbagh

Business Angels Connect is a private investors network focussing on Health, Chemistry and Agri-food companies. 120 Benelux investors are alligned. We facilitate dealflow and dealflow management for Business angels. Special areas of interest are companies associated with universities, teaching hospitals and accelerators.

Catalyze Group

Herfita Agustiandari

Herfita AgustiandariCatalyze was founded by researchers and entrepreneurs that truly understand your business and know how to bring it to success. We lower the thresholds to resources for researchers, SMEs, and companies, with consistent success. To date, we have raised over €750 million and built a network of more than 2500 project (and investment) partners. Thus, we have affirmed our status as a key player in the innovation ecosystem, headquartered in Amsterdam and operating worldwide. Our added value to the market is reflected by our own growth in which Catalyze has evolved into a market leader as innovation consultants for Life Sciences & Health, and Green & Sustainable Innovations.

Logo CBusineZ


Joris Govers, Sjim Romme

Joris GoversSjim RommeCbusineZ invests in innovative healthcare ventures that improve quality, decreases costs and/or increase labour productivity. CbusineZ wants to actively add value to ventures and contributes to ventures for a longer period of time.

EIT Health logo

EIT Health

Hayley Every

Hayley EveryEIT Health is providing support to innovators to help bring their novel healthcare solutions to market. We offer programmes to help validate and scale these solutions.

ErasSupport - Carola Goosens & Fransisca Xaveria


Carola Goosens & Fransisca Xaveria

Erasmus MC, with financial support from RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland), has created ErasSupport, an investment tool specifically for early-stage companies and aspiring entrepreneurs who are from or in close collaboration with Erasmus MC. ErasSupport provides a maximum loan of €20,000 per project and access to a network of innovation-focused organizations in the Netherlands, particularly in the Rotterdam region. This will give entrepreneurs the chance to connect with existing entrepreneurs, hone their entrepreneurial skills and pick up valuable tips and tricks! The initial funding and networking will allow entrepreneurs to accelerate their venture’s growth and make it more attractive for future investors. Learn here more about the team and work process.



Judith Smit & Max Renes

Judith SmitAt FFUND, we combine forces of experienced Life Sciences business experts and innovation specialists to provide high-end consultancy services and secure strategic financing thatboost the innovative performance of deep-tech and biotech companies. We tackle the investment challenge at hand and address the next steps that separate our clients to become scale-ups and unicorns. This allows our clients to gain full control and successfully grow from start-up ((pre-)seed and series A financing) to scale-up (series B-C financing) and exit.

Logo 	Fournel Advisory Life Science

Fournel Advisory Life Science

Paul Boutelier

We are an innovative investment bank specialized in healthcare and we are glad to propose you an investment in a UK based biotech for which we have signed a mandate.

We are introducing you to an amazing leap in innovation with a potential OAD insulin.

I work for Fournel Advisory Life Science (FALS), a Paris-based M&A and fundraising advisory boutique, and I am reaching out to present Diabetology Ltd, Anglo-Australian biopharmaceutical organizing a new round of financing.

They have recently complete clinical trials on Phase 2B for a OAD Insulin and are raising funds to launch the phase 3 testing of an oral insulin drug solution for type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients. FALS has been mandated by Diabetology Ltd to organize the fund raise in Europe.

The lead product that Diabetology Ltd develops is : CapsulinTM, an oral insulin that delivers directly to the liver with a high level of efficacy, removing the need for injected insulin.

Here are a few key points in regards of the investment opportunity :

  • Results of Phase 2B are very promising, show higher bioavailability and reduced API when compared to competition.
  • Commencing engagement with regulators globally to finalize its pathway for approval.
  • Diabetology Ltd wants to launch phase 3 (tranche 1) and continue funding the other drugs in development (tranche 2).
  • Total Financing Need : 20M€

Diabetology Ltd has a better-quality product than its main competitor, Oramed. Please, find below the factors making CapsulinTM ‘s potential higher on the market :

  • Efficacy : low variability, drop in fasting blood below baseline
  • No placebo group
  • Portal vein delivery mimics the body’s natural glucose pathway
  • No hypoglycaemic events observed in treatment and no treatment-related adverse events
  • Strong global patent position through to 2040

Gemeente Rotterdam & Life Sciences & Health 010

Jeannette Leete

jeannetteLSH010 is an initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam. With LSH010 the municipality unites companies, organizations and institutions in the economically strong Life Sciences & Health sector in Rotterdam. How can we make our lives better with the help of medication, technology and prevention? This question is central to the LS&H sector. To prepare for a healthy future we need smart solutions from companies, organizations and institutions.

Graduate Entrepeneur

Youp van ‘t Hoff

Youp van 't HoffGraduate Entrepreneur is an initiative by alumni from Rotterdam and Delft that want to give back to their community. We invest with two funds: a pre-seed fund ran by a student board and a Seed fund ran by a professional management. Together, those funds rack up to €56 million, making it one of the largest early stage investor funds of the Netherlands.



Douwe Jippes

Douwe JippesHealthy.Capital believes digital health, fuelled by consumerization, will make an immense global impact. Building a successful business is like continuously working on a multi-faceted puzzle. Our network and experience will support you in fitting in the right pieces. With Healthy.Capital you’re able to apply a series of lenses to focus on specific topics. Our expertise will add new perspectives to how you view your company and the market.

We invest smart capital. Our aim is to invest in a proactive manner. Together with you we grow your company. Your future advantage is our network of entrepreneurial investors and experienced management team. Healthy.Capital invests in Dutch based health & care startups, that are ready for growth.

Health Innovations

Health Innovations

Dick Sietses

Dick SietsesHealth Innovations invests in young companies that make healthcare better and more affordable. We focus on innovative healthcare concepts, eHealth, medical technology, Digital Health and Health Services. The market is central to our approach: How can companies contribute to improving healthcare processes? We invest in the Seed and Growth phase and our investment must contribute to value creation for healthcare, entrepreneurs and shareholders. We play an active role as a shareholder by contributing our knowledge, experience and network, but do not take the place of the entrepreneur. Our partnerships typically last 3 to 8 years. Have you developed a product or service that will improve healthcare and are you looking for funding for your business? We invest in young innovative start-ups in healthcare. We would like to talk to you about an investment in your company by Health Innovations.

Our focus area is; HealthTech, MedTech, eHealth


Daan Geraets & Marieke Goedhart

For more than 25 years, Hezelburcht has used subsidies to achieve its clients’ strategic and financial objectives. Their knowledge of the subsidy schemes and their content, network and knowledge of the sectors in which they operate enable them to prepare applications with the greatest chance of success.

Holland Capita

Holland Capital, experienced & hands-on

David Langerhuizen

Holland Capital is one of the first independent private equity firms in the Netherlands. We have been investing responsibly and successfully in promising Dutch SMEs with growth ambitions for over 38 years. With a clear investment strategy we respond to long-term trends in attractive growth markets, focusing on Healthcare and Technology. Our experienced and committed investment team knows what business is and strives for an open, long-term and professional relationship with the management teams, with the common goal of achieving optimal growth. From a dedicated healthcare team, we support innovations in the field of digital health and med tech, both financially and strategically/operationally. For example, we have previously invested in Karify (ehealth provider, sold Avinty in 2020), Quantib (AI radiology) and LivAssured (Epilepsy detection), among others.

Logo Horizon

Horizon Flevoland


Foto EricFoto Inge
Horizon is the regional development agency for the province of Flevoland. Our team of professionals works every day to support foreign and local entrepreneurs. Our aim is to create an environment that fosters long-term and sustainable international economic growth for Flevoland.

Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland

Wessel van der Woude & Ilmatar Lutje Schipholt

We stimulate and support innovative projects at SMEs in the province of Noord Holland.

Logo Kurma Partners

Kurma Partners

Benjamin Belot

Kurma Partners is a major player in the funding of healthcare and biotechnology in Europe. They are Investing across verticals (biotech, diagnostics, healthtech) and stages.



Nino Bellengé

NinoMedScaler is 100% dedicated to scaling MedTech and Digital Health Innovation worldwide.

We help companies worldwide with market introductions and implementing their innovative solutions in the B2B healthcare market.

With a solid track record and a strong network in healthcare, MedScaler is a reliable partner to validate, integrate and successfully scale your innovation in the Netherlands. Our validated and transparent approach facilitates a smooth market entry in a short period of time.

Nextgen Ventures

Nextgen Ventures

Roel Dekkers

Roel DekkersNextgen Ventures is an early stage investor in Dutch Health-IT and Medtech startups.

Rabobank Innovatielening

Martijn Starre

Are you an entrepreneur with a good innovative idea and looking for a loan to start up your company? With a Rabo Innovation Loan you can start developing your plans in time. Rabobank is happy to help finance innovations. Especially when there are no proven results, cash flow or paying customers. Are you working on developments that contribute to digitization or a more sustainable society? Or is your company focused on developments in the field of vitality? Then request the brochure from Rabobank and share your plan.

Logo Rebel Group

Rebel Group

Barend van Lieshout, Kees Hörchner

Rebel is a social responsible investor, interested in fairly priced medicines, medical devices and health data/knowledge firms whare we can add value with our experience, network and knowledge.

Shaping Impact Group

Shaping Impact Group

Jelena Jakulj

smart health

Smart Health Amsterdam

Daan Donkers

Smart Health Amsterdam (SHA) is the network for data- and AI-driven innovation in Amsterdam’s life sciences and health sector. Within Smart Health Amsterdam, organisations from the healthcare community join forces to share insights and technological advances. Together, we are transforming the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a leader in health innovations.

Logo Symbid


Robbin Hoogstraten

Symbid makes venture capital accessible for ambitious entrepreneurs. At Symbid, ambitious entrepreneurs present their plans to tens of thousands of crowdfunders and professional investors. These crowdfunders invest in the company they believe in and become shareholders. This way they benefit from the future growth of the company.

Logo TTopstart


Georgia Taxiarchopoulou & Andrea Slot

ttopstart is a game-changing consulting company in the fields of life sciences and health. We support biotech and medtech companies and universities in turning their exceptional ideas into real solutions. With our extensive business leadership expertise and deep understanding of the changing demand for sector-specific strategy and funding services, we can facilitate the path towards new therapeutic and diagnostic interventions. We believe that a great business strategy can break through the many market hurdles and lead to growth and success.
We’re looking forward to helping you realize your wildest dreams!